Murray Edwards College, Cambridge: Grove Lodge

There's an old Roman road which runs NW out of Cambridge, towards Huntingdon. Beside it, a small brick-built gatehouse accents and enlivens the long concrete elevations of Murray Edwards College, founded in 1954 as New Hall.

Originally belonging to 'The Grove'. where Emma Darwin spent her winters after Charles's death. 'Grove Lodge' had become derelict and by 2009 was close to demolition.

Saved at the last, it then became our task to repair and alter it for use by five Fellows of the College. The open door leads into a waiting area while, outside paving and soon new trees and roses will make this place a creditable part of the famously lovely college gardens.

Contractor: Fairhurst Ward Abbotts
Building Services Consulting Engineers:
Roger Parker Associates
QS: Sawyer and Fisher
CDM Co-ordinator: CDM Contract Services

Architect: Paul Vonberg Architects